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Across the room they spot each other, two celebrated classical musicians: one a violinist, the other, an operatic bass-baritone.  Surrounded by opulence, their virtuosity is only veil for a conspicuous otherness: one an Asian woman, the other a Black man, in a sea of white faces. A mutual desire for identity and connection initiates an inward journey, shedding the mask of classical prestige to exhume buried roots. Together, they explore familial histories of discrimination and violence, feeling the pulse of ancestral trauma.

created by Jennifer Koh & Davóne Tines

directed by Alexander Gedeon

music | Ken Ueno

dramaturgy | Kee-Yoon Nahm

set & video | Hana S. Kim

costumes | Lena Sands

lighting | Carolina Ortiz

photography | Ellen Qbertplaya

Presented by Brooklyn Academy of Music, CAP UCLA and Arco Collaborative.