“If one of art’s essential fronts is to make us feel, to make us understand others on a deep, indescribable level, then Sanctuaries succeeds.”

An operatic meditation on gentrification and erasure set at Portland's Memorial Coliseum — the grounds on which hundreds of Black-owned homes were destroyed by the city in the 1950s.

Sanctuaries explores the spiritual implications of gentrification and displacement. 

What echoes of the past surround us — presently manifested ? . . .

co-created by Darrell Grant,
Anis Mojgani and Alexander Gedeon

directed by Alexander Gedeon

music | Darrell Grant

libretto | Anis Mojgani

conductor | Lars Campbell

set | Yuki Izumihara

costumes | Alison Heryer

lighting | Carl Faber

photography | Intisar Abioto

Darrell Grant, Anis Mojgani and
Alexander Gedeon were awarded the
2020 MAP Fund in support of Sanctuaries.

Presented by Third Angle New Music.