“concerto for having fun
with elvis onstage”

from the press release:

“having fun with elvis on stage” is a 1973 album collaged entirely from elvis speaking on stage between songs at live concerts - no music. allmusic’s mark deming declared “hearing it is like witnessing a car wreck, leaving onlookers too horrified and too baffled to turn away.”

“concerto for having fun with elvis on stage reimagines this vilified recording as the libretto for a sort of ghost opera, combining pop art nostalgia with new technology and classical instruments to create a memetic hologram of the endless purgatory of celebrity afterlife. 
members of the now hear ensemble perform composer daniel corral’s original live musical score along with the original LP as if they were the pit orchestra for opera or musical theater - sometimes harmonizing with the words or painting emotions in the spaces between. meanwhile, gedeon’s "elvis" pantomime becomes a vehicle to explore the vast distances between ‘signifier’ and ‘signified’.

“concerto for having fun with elvis on stage” is the first in a series of collaborations between corral and gedeon, in which four 20th century american male icons are dismantled through collage, color constancy, and racialized representation. each dissemblage reveals a new, unrecognizable totem — a 21st-century Rorschach test — “collaged with myriad identities, stripped of universal meaning, and transfigured in the light of the Now”.

“concerto for having fun with elvis onstage” will premiere on November 14, 2020 at the Roy and Edna Disney Cal Arts Theater (REDCAT).